Monday, July 04, 2005

Popeye Food

I've decided to go have a salad for my last meal of the day (otherwise known as dinner). Spinache is loaded with nutrition, so it accounts for half of my salad. The other half is mixed baby greens.

Got both at Safeway, but got salad dressing at Whole Foods that had fresh olive oil and lots of other good stuff. Also adding raw almonds and raisins for flava.

Got the big bags to save money, but have been reading how spinache and other vegetables lose their nutrition over time. So I will probably buy the smaller bags or buy the unbagged veggies like everybody else does. I bought a veggie mix from a bin at Whole Foods, though, and got some nasty stuff in the bargin, so may stick to the bagged, prewashed stuff (which I still wash anyway).


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