Sunday, May 25, 2008

Now Using Firefox 3 Release Candidate 1

At last, a potential release for Firefox 3 has arrived and it seems pretty usable. The memory usage, which had been a nightmare, is now under control.

This makes the limited 2 gigs of memory I have on my mac sufficient to avoid swapping (yes, thats sarcasm you're hearing :-).

For some reason, I no longer had the "Go back one page" and "Go forward one page" buttons. You can add these from the menu. Open the View menu, then Toolbars, then Customize. Then drag the controls you want to the right spot on the toolbar you prefer.

You can also restore the default toolbar set from the same dialog box.

I put the back and forward buttons on the right, as I am right handed.

Thanks to the Firefox team for their hard work.



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