Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Coconut Oil

Have you tried this stuff? Its supposed to be very good for those with slow metabolisms that might due to thyroid problems. Its also supposed to be a very good antiviral and antifungal agent that wards off inflammation as well.

There seems to be a real controversy about whether it elevates the bad cholesterol level in the blood. Its a bit unclear from the studies I was able to find. Some indicate that it does and others have mixed results. A lot of sites selling this stuff say the bad studies are due to the coconut oil being hydrogenated (this is the process that creates the dreaded "trans fat").

There is also research that suggests that heart disease may not be caused by cholesterol at all and that cholesterol accumulating in the arteries is actually a response to inflammation. This inflammation is related to C-reactive protein and possibly even to calcification caused by something called nanobacteria.


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