Monday, July 25, 2005

Pineapple stem may combat cancer

Researchers have found that pineapple may combat cancer. Probably a good idea to have some occasionally.

Been thinking it would be great if outfits like Jamba Juice would put together a smoothy with a little bit of all these fruits and vegetables that are great for health. Like garlic, tumeric, tomato (lycopene).

Such a smoothie might taste pretty wierd, but I'll bet it has to taste better than the wheat grass they sell. I've tried it, as its very healthy for you, but it leaves you reeling! To get extra greens on a regular basis, I use Garden of Life's Perfect Food Super Green Formula. They even have tablets that you can swallow. None of it is very fresh, of course, and that's a problem.

I do have my doubts about Jamba Juice though. They claim to "not use questionable, hyped or unproven nutrients or botanicals that lack thorough research", but I saw that they used this Splenda crap in some of their smoothies. Splenda may be quite a problem for your health.


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